Hamariasha is a livelihood & Upliftment initiative for rural women led by the Raman Kant Munjal Foundation, which empowers women across all communities to come together and work in projects that allows them to become economically independent.

The initiative has covered numerous villages around Gurgaon in Haryana, and has been successful in providing 1500+ women an opportunity to earn and become self-reliant. Many of these women now run their own small businesses and have become entrepreneurs.

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"Hamari Asha enables and empowers women across all communities to come together and work to become economically independent. This instills in them a greater sense of self worth and confidence allowing them to grow and progress."
-Radhika Uppal
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"When we empower and enable women to become self sufficient, to be able to make informed choices and to be able to grow, we actually build a stronger society of better confident citizens."
– Pooja Munjal
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At the foundation, we strongly believe that women should have equal opportunities in all spheres and aspects of our society and economy as men. In fact, we strongly believe that for a truly progressive society, the women have to be independent and capable of nurturing themselves and in turn nurturing the children, thereby defining true progress, with this ideology in mind, the Hamari Asha programme was created.

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Empowered 1500+ Women so far.